Apple Urged To Protect Children Against Smartphone Addiction

There are a couple of MacRumors articles that are putting a spotlight on how investors are urging Apple to do more to prevent smartphone addiction in children. This was the first one, and then I saw this one today.

My question is this: why is it Apple’s responsibility to protect kids against smartphone addiction? That should be the parents’ job, not some third party tech company.

Apple Watch Series 3 Is Pretty Meh

I suppose Apple Watch gaining cellular phone call ability in its Series 3 watches would be a bigger deal for me if I actually made phone calls. I LOVE my Series 2 but feel no need to upgrade. Same with my iPhone. I used to be that guy that would stay up late, and pre-order the next iPhone release the second it became available, but not so much anymore. Having kids will do that to you I suppose. That, and the thousand-dollar price tag. No thanks, I’ll keep my iPhone 6+ until I can no longer send text messages or play Words With Friends with the wife.