Indie Developer Turned Down By Nintendo Five Times

From this Nintendo Life article, a quote taken from this Dotesports article:

“Nintendo of America specifically, has been uncharacteristically ambiguous surrounding what they are looking for in a game,” one developer, Wolfgang Wozniak, explained to The OP. “We’ve been turned down by Nintendo of America five times.”

Five times? I don’t know, maybe your idea sucks.

Apple Urged To Protect Children Against Smartphone Addiction

There are a couple of MacRumors articles that are putting a spotlight on how investors are urging Apple to do more to prevent smartphone addiction in children. This was the first one, and then I saw this one today.

My question is this: why is it Apple’s responsibility to protect kids against smartphone addiction? That should be the parents’ job, not some third party tech company.

Kim Is My LAST Name

When people call me by my last name, I like to call that person by their last name and pretend that it’s a thing between us, as if we were college buddies. It makes the other person super uncomfortable and they end up apologizing profusely for their error. It might be the most passive-aggressive thing I do.

It happens pretty often. I think it’s because for the other perosn, Ace is much more acceptable as a last name than as a first. Which is just bizarre to me.

Apple Watch Series 3 Is Pretty Meh

I suppose Apple Watch gaining cellular phone call ability in its Series 3 watches would be a bigger deal for me if I actually made phone calls. I LOVE my Series 2 but feel no need to upgrade. Same with my iPhone. I used to be that guy that would stay up late, and pre-order the next iPhone release the second it became available, but not so much anymore. Having kids will do that to you I suppose. That, and the thousand-dollar price tag. No thanks, I’ll keep my iPhone 6+ until I can no longer send text messages or play Words With Friends with the wife.

That Hidden Golf Game On The Switch Is Real

I doubted the validity of the Golf game, but apparently, it’s a real thing. There is a hidden game on the Switch’s home menu that is only accessible on July 11, the anniversary of Satoru Iwata’s passing. It’s an emulated game of the original Golf from the NES, the game that Iwata programmed by himself back in the day.

This switchbrew page has details on how to access it. Basically, it can only be accessed on when Nintendo’s time servers are July 11. The joy-con controllers have to be detached, and you have to do this motion while on the home menu:

And the game should unlock. I’ll have to try it once July 11 rolls around again.

It’s a touching tribute to Iwata, that his legacy is literally embedded into the DNA of the Switch. We miss you, Iwata!

How Is GameStop Still In Business?

I mean seriously.

  • They charge for shipping on preorders, no matter how much it is.
  • No release day delivery.
  • Their used games is a total roll of the dice where often times you end up the loser.
  • Their PowerUp Rewards membership program is centered around trade-ins and used games.

Now, after all that, I’d hate to say it, but still use GameStop as a last resort if I can’t find a limited edition release or something. But like I said, it’s a last resort. But honestly, if I decided to stop shopping at GameStop altogether, I’d probably be better off for it.

And what sparked this post was the fact that my Metroid amiibo 2-pack pre-order finally shipped out today. It was released Friday. So yeah, I’ll have to wait a couple of more days but compared to how convenient Amazon Prime and Best Buy GCU is, it’s a really painful experience to have to fire up GameStop’s website in order to buy something.

Amazon Prime and Best Buy GCU offers 20% discount for pre-orders on new games. That alone makes it such a better deal over anything that GameStop offers, it’s like why would you even consider it.

GCU is only $30 bucks for two years. I’d probably make that back in pre-orders for games

I Swear Apple’s Focus Is On The Accessories Market

Or maybe it’s the dongle market.

Apple’s new iPhone 8 and X STILL does not include a cable or adapter that will connect your phone to a new Macbook Pro. You’ll need to tack on at least another $25 bucks for a USB-C to Lightning cable to do that.  You’d think the Macbook Pro would come with at least one adapter to make USB-A cables connect to the USB-C port, but nope, they didn’t do that either.

Fucking stupid.