That Hidden Golf Game On The Switch Is Real

I doubted the validity of the Golf game, but apparently, it’s a real thing. There is a hidden game on the Switch’s home menu that is only accessible on July 11, the anniversary of Satoru Iwata’s passing. It’s an emulated game of the original Golf from the NES, the game that Iwata programmed by himself back in the day.

This switchbrew page has details on how to access it. Basically, it can only be accessed on when Nintendo’s time servers are July 11. The joy-con controllers have to be detached, and you have to do this motion while on the home menu:

And the game should unlock. I’ll have to try it once July 11 rolls around again.

It’s a touching tribute to Iwata, that his legacy is literally embedded into the DNA of the Switch. We miss you, Iwata!