How Is GameStop Still In Business?

I mean seriously.

  • They charge for shipping on preorders, no matter how much it is.
  • No release day delivery.
  • Their used games is a total roll of the dice where often times you end up the loser.
  • Their PowerUp Rewards membership program is centered around trade-ins and used games.

Now, after all that, I’d hate to say it, but still use GameStop as a last resort if I can’t find a limited edition release or something. But like I said, it’s a last resort. But honestly, if I decided to stop shopping at GameStop altogether, I’d probably be better off for it.

And what sparked this post was the fact that my Metroid amiibo 2-pack pre-order finally shipped out today. It was released Friday. So yeah, I’ll have to wait a couple of more days but compared to how convenient Amazon Prime and Best Buy GCU is, it’s a really painful experience to have to fire up GameStop’s website in order to buy something.

Amazon Prime and Best Buy GCU offers 20% discount for pre-orders on new games. That alone makes it such a better deal over anything that GameStop offers, it’s like why would you even consider it.

GCU is only $30 bucks for two years. I’d probably make that back in pre-orders for games

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