My Mind Is Blown

I guess there’s another Ace Kim out there, if this comment is to be believed. Until I see verifiable birth records, though, I’m calling shenanigans. And I’m having a mini freak out right now.

Sure, I’ve always accounted for the possibility that there could be another Ace out there, but another Ace with the same last name? Granted, Kim is a pretty ubiquitous last name in Korean culture, but what are the chances that someone’s else’s dad was flipping through a deck of cards in the waiting room while their child was being born? Slim I tell ya.

I only noticed that comment just now, dated October 14 of last year, ’cause I was prepping another post. I’ve neglected this blog so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and when I logged on to write, lo and behold there was this comment.

I go to New York once a year for Toy Fair so I may have to make first contact and meet up with this until-I’m-proven-wrong imposter. Because it’ll either be like two kindred spirits meeting or meeting your own doppelganger. And I’m hoping it’s not the latter.

Yep, still freaking out a little.

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