My Experience With Miitomo So Far

Not gonna lie, it hasn’t been fun.

This is what I saw when I tried to select the Mii that’s on my My Nintendo account. I went back onto the Wii U account settings and sure enough, copying was not allowed, so I changed it. Checked the Mii on the 3DS account and that one was set to allow copying. Went back to Miitomo and I was still getting the same error message. I even went so far as to delete the app, reinstall, and reconnect the My Nintendo account but I’m still getting stonewalled with this damn error message. I called Nintendo this morning and a nice gentleman by the name of Miguel was nice enough to try and troubleshoot but even he couldn’t figure out why I was getting the error. He took down my number and escalated the case. I suppose it would have been easier for me to just create a new one from scratch but this is a bug that Nintendo needs to fix.

All that being said, I should have done what any plebe with access to the internet should have done: googled it! And I found the answer on reddit. Basically, you need to log into your My Nintendo account and unlink the Nintendo Network ID or NNID. You’ll need to be connected to one other social account for you to be able unlink. You can then just relink the NNID account and that will force the My Nintendo account to refresh the new permissions to allow copying.

And voilà! I’m in:


Like any other app on my iPhone I’ll probably get bored with it after a few weeks.

We’ll see how long this lasts.



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