Holy Shit! Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal Will Soon Be Mine!


When I saw Japan get these shinies I was envious because they look awesome and since X/Y was my first foray into Pokémon, they have a special place in my heart. Nintendo sent out a tweet announcing their availability and I cannot wait to get them into my game. These guys look AWESOME!

  • May 2–8: Zygarde
  • May 11–17: Shiny Xerneas
  • May 20–26: Shiny Yveltal

Why Zygarde was never made shiny is beyond me though but I don’t care. And this explains why I was able to get him the other day.

So excited right now!

Free Zygarde Over Nintendo Network


The month is May now and Darkrai is this month’s mythical Pokémon distribution, but that’s only available through a scratch card you pick up from GameStop stores. I started up my game late last night and went to receive a gift over the internet anyway for shits and giggles and color me surprised to get a free Zygarde legendary. I didn’t see anything mentioned on Serebii or Bulbanews at the time so it was a nice surprise. And he’s available for OR/AS and X/Y.